The Lily Lantern Build Process

Boutiques workshops might be a rare sight to see in Hong Kong, but it is exactly where we handcraft our creations, in a little studio amongst the skyscrapers.

Each Lily Lantern is created with a combination of computer-controlled machining and good old handcraft.  This gives us incredible accuracy and the finishing touches of a master craftsman.   All with the goal of delivering a high-quality product you can’t find anywhere else.


The Base

Each wooden base of the Lantern is machined out of a solid block of Walnut or Ash.  We use CNC to machine the outer profile and the intricate inner fixtures, then re-clamp it to machine the side holes for the handles.  Each one is then carefully sanded down by hand through three stages.

Lily Lantern Base Sanding

We then apply a natural oil to finish the wood and left to dry overnight. This process is repeated again with a second coat, left to dry overnight; before finally buffing the surface for a fine finish.

Custom Brass Parts

Lily Lantern Handle forming
These ø5mm solid brass rods are formed in our custom rigs, precisely to that beautiful arch.  Then we machine notches and tiny holes into these rods, which allow them to fit together like a dream.
These beautifully machined brass parts might be hidden, but they are what gives the Lily Lantern a solid built that lasts.
We test fit our brass parts with the wood to make sure they are fit perfectly.
Porthole Ring PolishingPorthole RingsEach porthole ring is polished to give a shine before the final assembly  

We add the final touch by hand-stamping our logo to mark our handy work.

The Electronics

Lily Lantern Electronics

This is where our electrical team poured their heart and soul into for the past year.  To develop our very own proprietary controller unit.   We carefully hook this up with all the other electronics parts, that make up the brain of the Lily Lantern, bringing it to the forefront of the technological age.

Final Assembly

Lily Lantern Final assembly

After one and half years of development by our team; over 12 hours in the built process for each piece, and an incalculable amount of blood, sweat and tears, this is what we have created.

Lily Lantern